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Naked Kitty Productions represents years of experience in the music industry. Starting as an umbrella organization for the musical endeavors of Cat's A Bear in 1982, NKP has since overseen every aspect of music creation.

Naked Kitty Productions has been involved in originating music, adding to existing music, and documenting music through copyright, publishing and audio recording and production. While being focused primarily on jazz, everything from classical, pop, folk, blues, latin, reggae, and many other styles has been included in NKP's catalogue. Our roster of satisfied clients is long and diverse.

    • James Ligons
    • Jay Hitt
    • Christopher Ruffo
    • Justin Voty
    • Diana Fisher
    • Mark Lemaire
    • Bob Shea
    • 3bop
    • Atri Duo
    • Rick Della Ratta
    • Caitlin Blake
    • Night Shift
    • Tom Fallon
    • The Music Machine
    • J.D. Records jdhopkins.com
    • Resistance Records
    • Vincent Stefanelli
    • Musical Coordination Services (MCS)

Naked Kitty Productions believes that independent artists, musicians, and songwriters need to be nurtured and supported. Society benefits when new ideas and inspiration become available. NKP has endeavored to foster these ideas and inspirations, and document them in sheet music and sound recordings.

Our relationships are personal, and clients return again and again for our services. We have built our reputation on trust, reliability, and consistency, and we will continue to do so.

This Includes Guaranteeing The Quality And Delivery Of Jam Along CDs.

These are fine products, and we back them 100%. Just return any Jam Along CD within thirty (30) days, email us at NKP@franksinger.com to let us know its coming, and we will completely refund your money (as long as you provide a return address).

Direct all correspondance to:

Naked Kitty Productions
1112 Potomac Ave.
Erie, PA
16505-3435 USA

Please include a return email address or mailing address with your correspondance.

We would also appreciate any positive feedback on Jam Along CDs, including reviews and customer comments. These and any other comments can be emailed (email link below), or posted at the individual CD Baby web page for each Jam Along CD (CD Baby link below).

Email contact | CD Baby web page for Jam Along Blues CD | CD Baby web page for Jam Along Modal 1 CD

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Starting off with the Blues

The first offering of JamAlongCDs is a collection of shuffle-style blues progressions, with a number of stylistic 12-bar cycles, backing tracks from some blues songs, and more advanced progressions using harmonic mechanisms like the cycle of 5ths and substitute dominant chords.

These music background tracks are at different speeds, with many at slower tempos. The slower tempos give players ample time to develop more complex ideas and work on more harmonic, or by-chord, approaches. Experience has shown that holding a slow beat without loosing the tempo or loosing interest is more challenging that it sounds, and is a professional skill.

The faster tempos challenge the chops and make for a good time in the process. Trap set players and bass players will benefit from keeping their shuffles and solos tight at high speeds. Guitarists, keyboardists and piano players, and comping horn players will all find demonstrations of ways to accompany the rhythm section and soloists at fast and slow speeds.

For more on the Blues Jam CD, click here.

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Experiencing the use of the Ionian and Dorian Modes

You have probably learned a number of major scales since you began playing your instrument. Understanding and experiencing Modes allows you to expand your use of this important American Music tool.

The JamAlongCDs Modal 1 disc offers a variety of rhythm styles to challenge you. Included in the Ionian selections are two Ballads and a Reggae groove. After warming up your Major Scale use on these three progressions, six Dorian progressions bring some Swing, Latin (Cha Cha), Latin-Rock, Funk, and a Jazz Waltz.

Most of these selections are based on parts of popular songs. Moondance, Oye Como Va, Evil Ways, Mr. Magic, Chameleon, and My Favorite Things are all represented in the Dorian selections, while the Tears Loop prepares you for the two main parts of the classic Eric Clapton ballad Tears in Heaven.

For more on the Modal 1 Jam CD, click here.

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Who can use Jam Along CDs?

Keyboard Players
Harmonica Players
Any Melodic Instrument
Any Percussion Instrument
Anyone who wants to Jam Along!

More fun than a metronome!
Highly portable!
Variable tempos, keys and forms.

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