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Frequently Asked Questions

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1) Is buying lots of Jam Along CDs safe through your website?

Yes. Purchasing many CDs is completely safe through this website.

JamAlongCDs uses CD Baby.com for secure online credit card sales. An extremely reputable company, CD Baby does business globally, shipping CDs, taking orders, and handling secure credit card information. They use the highest level of encryption available (128-bit SSL) to protect your credit card number, and once your transaction is complete, your credit card number is erased from CD Baby's servers. In other words, at the end of the transaction, that number ceases to exist at CD Baby. While some shoppers may find this inconvenient for return visits (since your credit card information will have to be re-entered), it guarantees that your credit information cannot be stolen from their server.

More on CD Baby security can be found on their website at cdbaby.com/about.

You may use Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover cards.

2) I feel uncomfortable using my credit card online. Can I still buy Jam Along CDs?

Yes. You may purchase CDs in a number of ways.

  • bulletIf you wish to buy Jam Along CDs by Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover credit or debit cards over the telephone, you may call CD Baby at 1-800-BUY-MY-CD [ 289-6923 ].
  • bulletIf you wish to order from CD Baby by mail or fax, simply print the order form at the end of your checkout.
    • The mailing address is included at this point.
    • CD Baby's fax number is 503-296-2370.

3) I don't have a credit card. How do I order Jam Along CDs without one?

You may order CDs without a credit or debit card in several ways.

  • bulletTo order by phone using check, money order, international money order, cash, or to negotiate with chocolate, call CD Baby at 1-800-448-6369.
  • bulletIf you wish to order from CD Baby by mail or fax, simply print the order form at the end of your checkout.
    • The mailing address is included at this point.
    • CD Baby's fax number is 503-296-2370.

4) When will my CD arrive?

Arrival times depend upon the shipping location, desired or endurable delivery times, and the quantity of CDs ordered.

  • bulletIf you are in the USA and order one CD, CD Baby will ship it first class, and it will arrive in 3 - 5 business days.
  • bulletIf you are in the USA and order more than one CD, CD Baby will ship it PRIORITY mail, and it will arrive in 2 - 3 business days.
  • bulletIf you are outside the USA, CD Baby will use Global Priority Mail, and it will arrive in 5 - 6 business days.

5) How much does it cost to ship CDs?

CD Baby provides complete shipping information at cdbaby.com/help.

6) What happens if my CDs arrive damaged in the mail?

Any CD you order from Jam Along CDs will be replaced, at no further cost to you.

Please use CD Baby's 14-day money-back guarantee by contacting cdbaby@cdbaby.com and returning the damaged CD to CD Baby by writing Return to Sender on the package. Please email NKP to let us know there was a problem, so we can make sure you get an undamaged CD as soon as possible.

7) My question isn't answered on this page. What should I do?

You may contact Naked Kitty Productions by email at NKP@franksinger.com, or you may write to us at:

Naked Kitty Productions
1112 Potomac Ave.
Erie, PA
16505-3435 USA

Please include a return email address or mailing address with your correspondance.

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Starting off with the Blues

The first offering of JamAlongCDs is a collection of shuffle-style blues progressions, with a number of stylistic 12-bar cycles, backing tracks from some blues songs, and more advanced progressions using harmonic mechanisms like the cycle of 5ths and substitute dominant chords.

These music background tracks are at different speeds, with many at slower tempos. The slower tempos give players ample time to develop more complex ideas and work on more harmonic, or by-chord, approaches. Experience has shown that holding a slow beat without loosing the tempo or loosing interest is more challenging that it sounds, and is a professional skill.

The faster tempos challenge the chops and make for a good time in the process. Trap set players and bass players will benefit from keeping their shuffles and solos tight at high speeds. Guitarists, keyboardists and piano players, and comping horn players will all find demonstrations of ways to accompany the rhythm section and soloists at fast and slow speeds.

For more on the Blues Jam CD, click here.

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Experiencing the use of the Ionian and Dorian Modes

You have probably learned a number of major scales since you began playing your instrument. Understanding and experiencing Modes allows you to expand your use of this important American Music tool.

The JamAlongCDs Modal 1 disc offers a variety of rhythm styles to challenge you. Included in the Ionian selections are two Ballads and a Reggae groove. After warming up your Major Scale use on these three progressions, six Dorian progressions bring some Swing, Latin (Cha Cha), Latin-Rock, Funk, and a Jazz Waltz.

Most of these selections are based on parts of popular songs. Moondance, Oye Como Va, Evil Ways, Mr. Magic, Chameleon, and My Favorite Things are all represented in the Dorian selections, while the Tears Loop prepares you for the two main parts of the classic Eric Clapton ballad Tears in Heaven.

For more on the Modal 1 Jam CD, click here.

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Who can use Jam Along CDs?

Keyboard Players
Harmonica Players
Any Melodic Instrument
Any Percussion Instrument
Anyone who wants to Jam Along!

More fun than a metronome!
Highly portable!
Variable tempos, keys and forms.

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